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Each state has its own Department of Development Disabilities. Developmental disabilities refer to a group of conditions causing the person to be impaired in areas of language, physical, behavior, or learning.

Click your state to see the DDS website, address and phone number, and the name and email for the contact person for your state.

Government Resources


Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation (ASDF)

This non-profit organization provides autism families and individuals living with autism referrals, valuable information, and a database listing over 35,000 autism service providers through a National Contact Center called Autism Source 800-3AUTISM (800-328-8476).
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation (ASDF)

This foundation offers financial assistance and key programs, such as swimming lessons and social skills camps, to aid parents with child on the autism spectrum.

Madison House Autistic Foundation

This foundation provides resources to adults living with autism on medical, housing, and employment needs through its partnership with public and private entities.

National Autism Association

This association features an Autism ATRIUM program, which consists of a library of downloadable toolkits and free online webinars geared towards educating the autism community. They have local chapters in New York Metro, North Texas, Northwest Indiana, and Southeast Ohio.